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PCOS Syndrome Diet

If you have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) then you'll know how much it can affect your whole life, especially if you have been trying to start a family.

The good news is that there have been numerous studies that show that diet and lifestyle changes can greatly improve PCOS even with small changes.

PCOS is actually quite common and can affect up to 10% of women. Many people don't even realise that they might have it and see the symptoms as something unrelated.

Usually it contributes to depression, weight gain, excess facial hair, high blood pressure, irregular periods and as I've already mentioned - infertility.

Losing weight is usually the first thing that doctors recommend for women with PCOS. Reducing just a few pounds can help the way the body processes insulin and can improve both acne and your fertility.

However many women have trouble losing weight when they have the condition even when exercising and eating a healthy diet.

Usually the most successful diets fo…
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What to Expect During Childbirth Labor & Delivery

If you are pregnant then you'll know that many people often will give you advice about how to look after yourself during your pregnancy, and of course share their stories about giving birth.

While they may be well meaning, often these stories can scare you more than the actual delivery itself! So this article will go over what to expect during the stages of childbirth so you can be prepared.

But first know that you will not be going through this alone. There will be midwives, obstetricians and other support people there to help you through it. You'll probably also have your husband or family with you as well for extra support.

Labor can start at any time in the few weeks before or after your due date (and not very often on the actual day itself).

You will feel contractions around your uterus and lower abdomen area which may feel like a tightening sensation or period like cramps.

They are usually not painful to start with, but will get stronger in intensity as your labor progr…

How Long Does it Take to Get Pregnant After Taking the Pill?

Taking birth control is a great way to prevent pregnancy and the pill is a good option for many women who are not ready to start a family.

But usually there will be a time when you ARE ready to make babies and so you quit taking the pill and wait... and wait.

What? Why aren't you pregnant already?

The truth is that while some fertile women will get pregnant immediately after stopping birth control, for the majority of women it does take some time.

Most pill's work by preventing ovulation (when the body releases an egg) so if you are not ovulating then you can't conceive. Depending on how long you've been on the pill, it can take a few months for your regular cycles to return to normal.

For most women their cycles usually resume after around two to three months, but it's possible to take up to twelve months for the hormones in the body to restore full fertility.

While you are waiting it can be a good idea to start charting your fertile signs so that you know if you …

What Foods Can Increase Your Chances of Falling Pregnant?

The Secret Supplements That Help Promote Fertility and Boost Your Chances of Getting Pregnant It is becoming well known now that foods can help and even heal certain conditions and that is definitely true for fertility.

With the rise in awareness about the effect food has on our hormone levels is it any wonder that in today's nutrient deficient menu now has thousands of women unable to fall pregnant.

So if that's true, how can you fix it?

Well, the first thing to remember is that old saying 'you are what you eat'. That means you need to eat foods that nourish the hormone system and increase fertility.

Many specialists are recommending that you eat and act like you are already pregnant. And that includes no alcohol, no smoking, and drinking lots of water.

Try and pretend that you are at a luxury health spa and eat as healthy as you would there if you were on a body cleanse program.

So that's fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fish and whole grains. While that…

Why you should exercise during pregnancy

10 Reasons to Exercise in Pregnancy There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to pregnancy. Aside from giving the mother-to-be a license to eat everything she wants since she is feeding both herself and her baby (this is a wrong notion that will be discussed in some other blog post), mothers are often encouraged to do as little physical activities as possible because it might harm the baby.

Hence, they end up eating far too much and not doing anything to burn the food that they are eating. Contrary to popular belief, this mentality is more harmful than helpful to the mother.

Exercising is good for you regardless of your age, gender, and whether or not you are carrying a baby in your belly. Yes, studies show that exercise is good even for pregnant women. If you are expecting to be a mother soon, I suggest that you put on your most comfortable pair of rubber shoes because you need to get your body moving even while carrying a baby inside you.
These are the 10 reasons why you shoul…

Top 5 Ways to Get Pregnant

How to Get Pregnant Fast - Follow These Simple Tips Today there are so many women struggling to fall pregnant (I know because I'm one of them) and so I've searched around for the best tips I know to help you speed up the process to having a baby. So keep reading so I can show you how to get pregnant fast.

Now I'm going to assume that you don't have any medical reasons why you can't conceive such as blocked tubes or endometriosis (if you are unsure it's worth getting checked out by your doctor).

But if you are like me and the doctors can't find anything wrong with you or your partner then here are some tips to help you conceive much faster.
1. Get Healthy First off you need to make sure that you are as healthy as can be. That means eating good food, including lots of healthy fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. This goes for your partner as well - since you want to make sure that his sperm is also strong and healthy.

2. Exercise
Next you need to do some …

Getting Pregnant

There are many different methods of getting pregnant that people try to help improve their chances to conceive a baby.

And while one method might not be right for everyone, as everyone has different reasons why they are not falling pregnant, there are a few tips that you can use right now to help you fall pregnant quicker!

Knowing your ovulation day is the first step in getting pregnant fast as you are most fertile on the day that you ovulate. You can find out your ovulation day by using OPK's, charting your temperature, using saliva monitors like Maybe Baby or keep track of your cervical mucus.

Once you know your usual ovulation day (and don't just assume that it's on day 14 as this is just an average day) you can aim to start trying for your baby from around 5 days before right up to one day after your ovulation day. That should allow your partner's sperm a good chance of catching the egg.

Most doctors recommend that you have intercourse every day when trying to con…