Saturday, 28 March 2009

Top 5 Ways to Get Pregnant

If you are looking to fall pregnant in the future then you probably want to know the best ways to get pregnant fast. This post will show you the top 7 fertility tips that you can do today to improve your chances of conceiving a baby.

Fertility Tip #5 – Keep the Sperm Cool.

Get your partner to wear loose underwear like boxer shorts and avoid hot showers or baths. Sperm can be damaged if they get too hot and so to keep them healthy it’s best to keep them cool.

Fertility Tip #4 – Skip the Coffee

It seems that caffeine makes it harder to fall pregnant and in a study in 2003 it was found that women who drank 2 or more cups of coffee per day took longer to fall pregnant than those that didn’t drink at all.

If you can’t give up your daily coffee, then switch to decaffeinated.

Fertility Tip #3 – Quit the cigarettes

We already know that smoking can damage an unborn fetus, but know it’s clear that smoking can also reduce your chances of success when trying to fall pregnant. And it applies to your partner as well. For your health and the future health of your baby, quit today.

Fertility Tip #2 – Take Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is known to balance the hormones and improve your luteal phase (in case you have a problem in that area). In fact some women swear that Vitamin B6 was enough to get them pregnant when they had failed for months before taking it.

Fertility Tip #1 – Know your Ovulation Day

A woman is most fertile on her ovulation day, but knowing this day is tricky. Charting your menstrual cycles by taking your temperature with a body basal thermometer is one way to find out when you ovulate and better understand your cycles. You should aim to have intercourse starting five days before you ovulate right up to and past one day after your ovulate to give yourself the best chances of catching the egg.

By knowing these methods of getting pregnant you have a much better chance to know how to fall pregnant fast rather than just relying on luck.