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Pick the Gender of Your Baby Review

Not too long ago I came across a book that claims to help you conceive either a boy or girl, depending on your preference. The book, Pick the Gender of Your Babyby Ashley Spencer was receiving lots of positive reviews so I thought it was time to look into it further.

The website claims a 94.8% success rate which is rather impressive if it’s true, and while I can’t personally tell you if it works or not (even though I am trying to fall pregnant I’ll be happy with either sex) with a refund policy that has no time limit (very rare to see these days!) it is certain worth a look.

So what is inside Pick the Gender of Your Baby?

Timing is very important when it comes to gender selection. During a woman’s cycle her cervical fluid changes and thus her PH levels are either highly acidic (in which case you are more likely to have a girl) to highly alkaline (when you are more likely to have a boy).

You can find out what level of PH you are at usually by knowing whereabouts in your cycle you are. The …