Saturday, 7 February 2009

Pick the Gender of Your Baby Review

Not too long ago I came across a book that claims to help you conceive either a boy or girl, depending on your preference. The book, Pick the Gender of Your Baby by Ashley Spencer was receiving lots of positive reviews so I thought it was time to look into it further.

The website claims a 94.8% success rate which is rather impressive if it’s true, and while I can’t personally tell you if it works or not (even though I am trying to fall pregnant I’ll be happy with either sex) with a refund policy that has no time limit (very rare to see these days!) it is certain worth a look.

So what is inside Pick the Gender of Your Baby?

Timing is very important when it comes to gender selection. During a woman’s cycle her cervical fluid changes and thus her PH levels are either highly acidic (in which case you are more likely to have a girl) to highly alkaline (when you are more likely to have a boy).

You can find out what level of PH you are at usually by knowing whereabouts in your cycle you are. The closer you get to ovulation day the more alkaline your cervical fluid becomes.

Diet is another factor in determining sex because again, this can change the PH levels in the body of both the male and female. Apparently if the father is a vegetarian then you’ll probably have a boy. If the mother avoids any salt then she’ll be more likely to have a girl.

And finally the position that you have sex and whether the mother has had an orgasm or not is another important factor in conceiving the gender of your choice. Now I’m not sure I want to forgo having an orgasm just to get a boy or a girl but I’m sure if you are desperate for either sexes then you are willing to make this sacrifice.

Overall this book seems sound and has a virtually non-existent refund rate which means people are happy with their purchase - so it must work!.

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Find out more about Pick the Gender of Your Baby here >>


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