Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Conceiving a baby boy - Choose Your Method

Even though you will be happy with whatever child you get, sometimes, especially if you already have a large family of all the same gender, you might be wishing to get pregnant with a boy or girl next.

There is nothing wrong with wishing for a certain gender and trying for a boy or girl baby can actually be a lot of fun so this post will go over some of the things you can do to put the odds in your favor of conceiving a boy.

There are a few different theories on gender selection so let’s look at each briefly:

The Shettles Method: Developed by Dr Landrum Shettles this method is about timing to take advantage of the Y chromosome (male sperm) and X chromosome (female sperm) getting to the egg first. For a boy you should have intercourse as close to the woman’s ovulation day as possible. He recommends trying for a boy around 24 hours before ovulation and up to one day after.

The Whelan Method: Elizabeth Whelan actually recommends the opposite to Shettles and says for a boy you just have intercourse no earlier than three days before you ovulate.

The Ericson Method: A more advanced method, this involves separating the sperm in a laboratory through a filtering process and then injecting the X or Y sperm (depending on your preference) by insemination.

Billings Method: Relies on observing cervical mucus levels. When you have the most fertile cervical mucus then you are at a high chance of conceiving a baby boy.

Also make sure your partner avoids any caffeine (especially on the day that you are trying to conceive) as caffeine apparently stimulates the more active Y sperm and you can increase your chances of falling pregnant with a girl.

Your partner should also were boxers (instead of tight fitting underwear) and avoid hot baths or showers.

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