Friday, 27 March 2009

Getting Pregnant

There are many different methods in getting pregnant that people try to help improve their chances to conceive a baby.

And while one method might not be right for everyone, as everyone has different reasons why they are not falling pregnant, there is a few tips that you can use right now to help you fall pregnant quicker!

Knowing your ovulation day is the first step in getting pregnant fast as you are most fertile on the day that you ovulate. You can find out your ovuation day by usings OPK's, charting your temperature, using saliva monitors like Maybe Baby or keep track of your cervical mucus.

Once you know your usual ovulation day (and don't just assume that it's on day 14 as this is just an average day) you can aim to start trying for your baby from around 5 days before right up to one day after your ovulation day. That should allow your partner's sperm a good chance of catching the egg.

Most doctors recommend that you have intercourse every day when trying to conceive (TTC) except in cases where your partner's sperm may be low in quality where they recommend every second day to give his sperm enough time to replenish adequately.

There are also many different vitamins and herbs that are recommended to help improve your fertility - amoung them being Vitamin B6 which is great for lengthening your luteal phase, Vitex which many women swear has helped them fall pregnant by balancing their hormones and evening primrose oil which can help improve your cervical mucus (which helps the sperm get to where they are going and live longer).

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